Rehoming ex-Laboratory, abused and neglected animals

Second Chances

Beagle Freedom Canada exists to release, rehabilitate and re-home animals from laboratories and situations of abuse and neglect, as well as to educate so that change happens. Testing on beagles and other animals is prevalent and has gone on with minimal to no federal legislation or regulation in Canada.


Beagles are the primary breed of dog used in testing because they are friendly, don’t bite back, are forgiving and simply fit easily into cages. Their sweet demeanor is used to exploit them.



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Foster / Adopt

Beagle Freedom Canada rescues animals that have very special needs, and because of this, we maintain a thorough process when considering applicants. Animals with special needs come with incredible gifts, and as a foster or adopter, you are a very important part of their freedom and future!

Thank you for wanting to care for a very precious survivor. It takes very special people to open their homes and their hearts – we are so grateful.

Our process includes an interview, home check and reference check; to get started, please submit a completed application by clicking the link below.


Thank you so much for wanting to support Beagle Freedom Canada. We absolutely cannot do this without generous people like you! As we begin our work here, we will need volunteers in every province and territory who can help spread the word about our mission. The work and dedication of our volunteers will allow us to rescue animals from horrific situations and give them loving and caring homes.

Your time is very important to us, and we would like you to help in a way that works for you. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please click the link below and tell us more about yourself!

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You can help animals in laboratories by avoiding products that are tested on animals.

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Make a Donation

Your generosity allows us to continue to save lives! No amount is too small and every donation is deeply appreciated. On behalf of the animals we’ve saved and will save, we want to thank all who have given so generously to support our mission.

This is the total number of dogs and cats that were used in testing or training facilities in Canada in 2020.

Make Change



Join us in the Fall when school is back in session. We enter the classroom and share information with our young people so that they can carry our mission into the future.


We invite you to work with Beagle Freedom Canada to rehome your eligible animals.

Volunteer Awareness & Advocacy

Tell us what you’re passionate about – events, meeting people, writing to government officials, etc.

Build a Community

Beagle Freedom Canada Connect – we have innovative ways to bring people together across Canada who want to be a part of our mission. Let’s get together.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Beagle Freedom Canada is a CRA registered Canadian charity whose mission is to educate about animal testing in Canada and rescue the animals currently suffering in laboratories across the country. Beagle Freedom Canada will rescue, care for and find forever homes for animals used in experimental research and other extreme cruelty situations. We are dedicated to ending this cruelty and making the world safer for animals and humans.

Get Involved

We absolutely cannot do this without generous people like you!

PHOTO CREDIT: Artem Beliaikin

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